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MoonRun is a highly technological, portable, aerobic trainer that brings you the most immersive total body workout you can get at home.

perfect fit for small spaces and apartments

Moments to set up, minutes to get used to - no learning curve, no installation required. Weighs under 4 pounds and folds into our premium carrybag in less than 1 min. Great for travel and workout on-the-go or in the office.

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Compact & Portable
Easy Setup

Healthy and Effective

Designed by a physical therapist, MoonRun's upward elastic pull provides a reduced body weight effect, lowering knee and landing impact. MoonRun combines aerobic and resistance training which results in an effective full-body workout.

Versatile Workout

Fully Functional Fitness Trainer


Low impact

Full Body movement (Run, Jump, Squat...)


High impact

Monotonous movement


MoonRun embedded technology lets YOU become the avatar in running apps. Run with your virtual coach or join a group run. Your body sets the speed naturally, and you can also jump, squat and turn.

Run, jump, squat to avoid obstacles

Join runners and events from all around the world

Chase your virtual coach to the finish line

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#1 sport-tech solution for working out from home during COVID-19

MoonRun uses suspension and gravity to offer a low-impact solution to monotonous treadmill running.

take their users to realistic-virtual exercise worlds limited only by their imagination.

Don't Compromize - Optimize




Does not require permanent room Yes No No
Versatile full body workout Yes No No
Immersive movement Capture (Run, Jump, Crouch) Yes No No
Natural acceleration / deceleration Yes Yes No
Low landing impact Yes Yes No
Less than $300 Yes No No


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4 years ago I did surgery after a slipped disc in my lower back. I looked for a running and training device that I would feel safe and efficient. I found all this in MoonRun, along with a combination of interactive and innovative applications that keeps me motivated!

Liz Sando

Customer - Israel

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Using my MoonRun with Arcade Fitness on Steeple 400 is very addictive, I love the jumping feeling and little by little improve my jumping score!

Grégory Cordier

Customer - France

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It's absolutely "life changing". Literally everyone can enjoy MoonRun and they can be connected with each other instantly! This is a beautiful piece of perfection!

Youngsuk Oh

Oyoung Pilates Lab CEO - Seoul, Korea

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