When you purchase any MoonRun unit (NATURAL/CONNECT) you get a complete bundle to enjoy a healthy & versatile aerobic , core muscle and stretching workout. Stretching and warmup exercises as well as aerobic training roadmaps are included in MoonRun’s app.

Purchase 'MoonRun CONNECT' to play any BLE running and gaming application. Just unbox and anchor to a hinged door, download your favorite apps, connect and start enjoying. MoonRun’s native app is free; 3rd party MoonRun apps are available at our Appstore.
MoonRun NATURAL includes:
Lightweight and durable designed bar, washable soft body cushions for maximum comfort and performance, Medium body resistance set (For users 110-200 lbs; 50-90kg), triple safety door anchor, arm resistance set which combines upper body muscles for a full-body, holistic workout with adjustable difficulty & a branded MoonRun sports bag.

MoonRun CONNECT includes in addition:
A Fully functional Sensor pack with MoonRun free exercise app & real time transmission to any Bluetooth based exercise application.
Lasts up to 40 workout hours between charges, with internal memory of up to 30 offline workout hours.
Includes a MicroUSB to USB cable (1.5m long) and a waterproof MicroUSB entry for charging.
Even though it might initially look like running on the spot, in fact MoonRun is physically more like running outside because the force generated by the body is to push it forward, just like running outside. On the MoonRun, however, the elastics return the user to square one every step faster than the brain can comprehend hence the natural feel of running, especially while using running multimedia applications. Actually, if one runs on the spot without pushing the MoonRun bar forward, MoonRun’s application speed will show zero.
MoonRun was designed to uphold users who weigh up to 160Kg(350lbs).
Users over 90Kg(200lbs) and strong athlethes are recommended to use the optional HEAVY Elastic Band Package.
Users below 50Kg(110lbs) and children are recommended to use the optional LIGHT Elastic Band Package.
The lifetime of MoonRun’s elastic bands depend upon various factors: time since manufacture, exposure to sun or heat, and actual usage.

If the MoonRun is regularly stored in a cool and airy atmosphere, such as your home or office, and used regularly, we recommend replacing the elastic bands annually.
When used daily in a studio/clinic we suggest to replace the bands twice yearly.
There are three options to anchor MoonRun at home:

A sturdy hinged door with a lock
A hammock hook at about 2m(6.75ft) height
A window bar, pillar or post at about 2m(6.75ft) height
MoonRun uses advanced algorithms that send the most accurate real-time speed to the application display. Several factors can affect an accurate reading of speed including terrain surface, geographical altitude, and special running techniques.

The more you use MoonRun, the better its algorithms become at providing customized feedback to ensure that personal changes from practice to practice are accurately reflected in the data.
Developed by a physical therapist, MoonRun is healthy compared to running on the treadmill for the following reasons:

MoonRun’s elastic system provides physical uplifting of the body which only increases as the user pushes harder on the bar. This enables the desirable high intensity - low impact training.
MoonRunning is versatile on the joints; therefore, the body load (and impact) is shared and balanced preventing repetitive pounding that is common with most treadmills.
While MoonRunning, the user leans forward, lands on the balls of the feet and pushes the body forward with the pelvis; like any running instructor would recommend.
Using arm bands combined with the ability to turn around balances the training effect throughout the whole body rather than mainly the lower limbs.
While running, MoonRun’s sensors also transmit jumping, squatting and turning. This is in preparation for current and future multimedia running applications to expand their ‘worlds’ and include real outside situations rather than running in one pre-defined direction. Example: Fitness Arcade
MoonRun is compatible with any running app that accepts speed input from a Bluetooth device.

The most popular MoonRun compatible apps:

MoonRun’s native app - A loaded and practical dashboard display as well as a ghost to keep pace and company – great help in long runs.
Freemium (Android, IOS-soon)
Zwift Running - A great social app with lots of runners all the time, vivid realistic animations and regular events, races and challenges.
Subscription (IOS, Android, MacOS & PC)
RunSocial – A popular social running app using real video footage from beautiful trails and famous running routs from around the world.
Purchase routs (IOS)
Fitness Arcade – A delightful and engaging running app in which you can run against the included characters or against your own friends online. Fitness Arcade include MoonRun specific movements like jumping and turning around as well as many other surprises while racing on imaginary tracks, multi layered castle mazes and even in space.
Subscription (Android, PC)

Major MoonRun apps according to OS:

IOS:Zwift, RunSocial
Android: MoonRun, Zwift, Fitness arcade
MacOS: Zwift
PC: Fitness Arcade, Zwift

To display from mobile or tablet to ‘regular’ TV or computer monitor you will need to first mirror on PC via an app or cable. Then mirror on external monitor via HDMI cable.
From an IOS device you can display directly via Apple TV
From an Android device you can display directly via Chromecast
From a Samsung mobile device, you can mirror directly to a Samsung smart TV

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1 year warranty on all parts except the elastic bands (which have 6 months warranty):
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